Every success story stars a team behind the scenes

Think of Virgin Active, and the chances are you picture our clubs with their warm welcome, state-of-the-art equipment, wide array of exercise classes, modern studios, lavish pools and relaxing spas. Indeed, maybe you are already a member and you've experienced our clubs at close hand. However, the 118 Virgin Active clubs around the UK don't look after themselves. Yes, they're run really well day-to-day by highly professional teams that range from general managers to fitness to building services and membercare. But, equally important is the support that's delivered by the teams that work at our head office in the Barbican and our Customer Service Centre in Milton Keynes.

Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Estates, Legal, Information Technology, teams of project managers that focus on ways we can improve the business… The list isn't endless, but it is pretty exhaustive. The sometimes unsung heroes. The stars behind the scenes without whom staff wouldn't get paid, new premises wouldn't be found, there'd be no learning and development programme, no IT systems, in fact, given time, there probably wouldn't be any clubs. In short, our head office and support teams, each and every one of them, play a vital role in making sure we continue to enjoy the growth that has seen us become the UK's number one health and fitness business. Now, are you ready to join them?

“I have never ceased to be amazed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the people at Virgin Active. Virgin Active encompasses everything about the Virgin brand that I love, and is one of the true great Virgin success stories.” – Richard Branson

Still with us? Clearly you have the experience and Virgin Activist attributes we're looking for to shine in our Central Support Teams. Now take a look at our current vacancies. And, don't worry if you can't find anything in your area at present. Simply register your interest by completing the application process. After all, there may be something just round the corner very soon.

There's much more to Virgin Active than meets the eye. Indeed, the diversity of roles on offer at Virgin Active may well surprise you. Take a look behind the scenes and see what and who makes us tick.