First and foremost, it may sound cheesy, but everyone here really is a team player. They're good listeners too. Never afraid to sniff out new ways to improve what we do, they like to think differently outside the box and are full of ideas. A Virgin Activist also goes out of their way to help. They're 'work hard play hard' people. Flexible and open to new things, they know how to hit the ground running. They also hate standing still. They want to be challenged. They enjoy multi-tasking. They're friendly professional rather than friendly informal and, they don't take themselves too seriously. Always 'glass half full', a Virgin Activist says 'I love' more than 'I hate'. And, above all, they have big smiles. But that's not all.

To join Virgin Active, you'll need loads of modesty. And warmth too. You'll need to be genuine, give your full attention, find common ground and try to remember faces. Always interested in what others have to say, you're happy to share what you know too. And, because you recognise the importance of building relationships, you notice how you're coming across and adapt accordingly if necessary.

It's about creativity, encouraging people to try new things and trying new things yourself. Getting involved and using your own membership (which we'll give you as just one of the perks when you join us). Being empathetic and remembering everyone's different. It's also about remembering that making mistakes is OK. Most companies rule by making people afraid to screw up. We want people who have a go at making decisions, live by those decisions and learn by those decisions.

We don't fob people off and we're never too busy. We don't take it personally if people don't want to chat, or act unnaturally or talk like it's scripted. And, we never interrupt or blag it if we're not sure of the right answer. Don't overdo it, force the fun or be elitist or suck all the good feeling out of a room. Virgin Active's kind of fun is human, irreverent and, to those who succeed with us and go on to enjoy lucrative careers, it comes naturally. Sounds like you?

From Belfast to Bristol, Glasgow to Glamorgan. Fitness to Front of House, Cleaning to Club Management. Wherever you are and whatever it is, the chances are we've got an opportunity that matches your career aspirations.

Every recruitment process has its different stages, and here at Virgin Active we're no different. Well, actually, we are! Find out not only how to apply, but also about the interview process and our unique one day Virgin Active Time Trial.